AD8340 STAR Printer Power Supply
DG8340 STAR/Gilbarco Receipt Printer  (T12, T12A, B, C, & G)
G-Site Complete System (Console w/C-2 Controller)
G-Site Complete System (Console w/C-15 Controller)
K-93713-01 Receipt Paper Cutter
LX-300 Epson Report Printer
M00016A01 Encore 300 Power Supply
M00047A01 STP Board
M00059A001 Valve Driver Board
M00059A002 Valve Driver Board
M00065A01 PPU Display Board
M00077A01 Totalizer Node Board
M00317A001 Printer Module Assembly (Encore)
M00317A002 Eclipse Printer
M00317A003 Encore 300 Printer
M01515A001 Main Display
M01522A001 PPU Display Board
M01546A001 Hydralic Interface Board
M01549A001 Valve Relay Board
M01553A001 Crind Control Board
M01564A001 Grade Select Board
M01598A001 Controller Board
M01621A001 Totalizer Interface Board
M02136B001 Card Reader
M02097A001 Valve Relay Board
M02274A001 Power Supply
M02325A001 Interface Board
M02335A001 Valve Control Board
M03651A001 Logic Board
M03651A002 Logic Board
M04011B002 Pulser
MS-700i METROLOGIC Vert Projection Scanner-High Speed
MS-800 METROLOGIC Horizontal In-Counter Scanner
MS-860 METROLOGIC Mini-Slot In-Counter Scanner
N20740-G1R Keyboard (T8)
N20740-G2R Keyboard (T9)
N20954-01 Key Switch T-11 Console (OUTRIGHT)
N22914-G2R Printer Assembly (TCR-15)(New Style)
PSA242 GIL 4700 Printer Power Supply-110V
PA01310001R Command Module (H111B)
PA01330000R Distribution Box-Complete
PA01390001R Command Module (MPD-1, MPD-A3)
PA01540000R Command Module (MPD-2)
PA01570000R Cash Drawer (G-Site) (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
PA01570061R Cash Drawer (486/G-Site)
PA016100000R PAM-Old
PA01630000R DOT-2 Printer (T11,T12A & B) (G1 Processor Board)
PA01630000R DOT-2 Printer (T12C & G) (G13 Processor Board)
PA01870000R Complete Distribution Box-C2 (New)
PA01870100R Complete Distribution Box-C15 (Old)
PA01890033100 TCR-15 Complete Cash Register
PA01905301100R C15 Complete Controller
PA02060000R Okidata Report Printer 184 Turbo
PA02070000 Remote Display Assy.
PA02091000R Eaton 4110 Slip Printer (G-Site)
PA02110010300R C2 Complete Controller
PA02140001R Mechanical Pulser (T8, T9, T10 Standard)
PA02140002R Mechanical Pulser (T8, T9, T10 Mobil)
PA02220001R Electronic Pulser (H111A Standard)
PA02370000000 Tank Monitor II Console w/Printer (8 Tank)
PA02370000010 Tank Monitor II Console w/o Printer (8 Tank)
PA02400000000R Complete Console (24 Hose)
PA02400001010R Complete Console (36 Hose)
PA02410010001R PAM-115V (Controller)
PA02411010001R PAM-230V (Controller)
PA02420000000R Distribution Box (115V)
PA02421000000R Distribution Box (230V)
PA024500000R Eaton 4110 Printer - 115V
PA024510000R Eaton 4110 Printer - 230V
PA02474000000 Tank Monitor III Console w/o Printer (4 Tank)
PA02474100000 Tank Monitor III Console w/Printer (4 Tank)
PA025400000R DH 4414 Slip Printer w/Validator
PA025401000R DH 4411 Journal Printer w/Validator-115V
PA0254001000 Citizen Slip Printer
PA025410000R DH 4411 Journal Printer w/Validator-230V
PA02610000010 Distribution Box-Single (115V) TS-1000)
PA02610000020 Distribution Box-Dual (115V) TS-1000)
PA02620000000 EMC Console w/o Printer Group (8 Tank)
PA02620100000 EMC Console w/Printer Group (8 Tank)
PA02630000105 8-Input Type A Interstitial Sensor Module
PA02630000106 6-Input Type B Sump/Pan Interface Module
PA02630000201 2-Input/2-Relay Combo I/O Module
PA02630000202 1-Input Line Leak Interface Module
PA02630000204 Pump Sense Interface Module
PA02630000301 RS-232 Interface Module-Single Port
PA02630000302 Remote Display Interface Module (RS-485)
PA02630000303 Auxiliary RS-232 Interface Module-Dual Port
PA02630000304 Remote Printer Interface Module
PA02070000 Customer Display Assembly-Old Style (TCR-15)
PA02710000 Above-Counter Projection Bar Code Scanner
PA02710100 In-Counter Slot Bar Code Scanner
PA02720000R VeriFone Receipt Slip Printer (250)
PA02860000R GSX-190 Citizen Report Printer Parallel
PA02860101R GSX-190 Citizen Report Printer Serial
PA02970000 Competitive Pump Access Module/PAM
GSX-220 GSX-220 Citizen Report Printer
PA03010011011 486 CPU Tower
PA03010012211 Pentium CPU Tower
PA03040000R Console Keyboard PC (486/G-Site)
PA03060010R Distribution Box-Single (486/G-Site)
PA03060020R Distribution Box-Dual (486/G-Site)
PA03080000R Citizen Printer (3530/3535)
PA03100000R Dual Remote Display Assembly (486)
PA031300000 4774 Slip Printer Validation Only
PA031300100 4711 Slip Printer
PA03140000R Gilbarco/VeriFone Receipt Printer (900)(G-Site)
PA03200000 G-Site Keyboard
PA03260000 Microline 320 Report Printer
PA03270000 Customer Display Assy. Dual
PA03300000 Axiohm Thermal Printer
PA03480000 Pentium Keyboard
Q11489-06 Card Reader
Q11725-09R Card Reader
Q11737-01 Power Supply TCR-15
Q11758-01R CPU PC Board Assembly (C15)
Q11758-02R Power Supply Assembly-230 VAC (C15)
Q11758-03R Power Supply Assembly-115 VAC (C15)
Q11789-01R Display Power Supply Board
Q11955-01 12V, 3.2AH, Battery
Q11998-01R Remote Display Assembly (TCR-15)
Q12041-01R LCD Display-Pro Blender
Q12058-03 Card Reader (486)
Q12159-01R Main Board (II)
Q12159-02R Option Board w/o Software (II)
Q12159-03R Printer Assembly w/Power Supply-115V (II/III)
Q12159-11R Option Board-Standard w/o Software (II)
Q12159-12R Option Board-Metric w/o Software (II)
Q12159-29R Main Board-230V (II)
Q12207-01R Power Supply (PAM 1000 Controller)
Q12208-01R Console Power Supply (TS-1000)(115V, External)
Q12208-02R Console Power Supply (TS-1000)(230V, External)
Q12380-09 TS-1000 Printer
Q12313-01R Option Board w/o Software (III)
Q12313-02R Main Board (4Tank) (III)
Q12313-03R Main Board-115V (8 Tank) (II & III)
Q12313-04R CPU Board (4 Sensor) (IV)
Q12313-05R CPU Board (8 Sensor) (IV)
Q12313-06R CPU Board (12 Sensor) (IV)
Q12313-07R Power Supply Board (4 Sensor) (IV)
Q12313-08R Power Supply Board (8 Sensor) (IV)
Q12313-09R Power Supply Board (12 Sensor) (IV)
Q12380-06 Gilbarco Power Supply (TS-1000)
Q12380-09 Gilbarco Printer (TS-1000)
Q12404-01 3 1/2" Floppy Drive (C2)
Q12476-01R Printer Driver Board
Q12476-03R Printer Control Board-New Style (Crind)
Q12597-05R 5-Input Vapor Sensor Interface Module
Q12597-06R 8-Input Interstitial Sump Interface Module
Q12597-07R 4-Relay Output Module
Q12597-11R 5-Input Groundwater Sensor Interface
Q12597-12R 3-Output Pressurized Line Leak Controller Module
Q12597-13R 4-Input Probe Interface Module
Q12598-01R Printer Group w/Door
Q12598-06R CPU Board
Q12598-07R Power Supply Board
Q12598-08R Mother Board
Q12598-09R I.S. Interconnect Board
Q12598-10R Display Board
Q12598-11R Keyboard
Q12598-12R Barrier Board
Q12598-13R AC Input Group
Q12598-15R Printer Communications Interface Module
Q12598-17R Expansion Board
Q12605-01R Hard Drive (C2)
Q12654-09R VeriFone Printer Power Supply
Q12956-01R Console Power Supply (TS-1000)(115V, External)
Q13086-02 1 MB Dram Board
Q13086-03 4 MB Dram Board
Q13086-05 SVGA PC Card (486)
Q13086-12 PC G-Site PS
Q13086-37 Mother Board W/128K Cache & Bios
Q13086-52 4 MB Dram Board
Q13086-62 Mother Board Pentium
Q13086-66 31/2" Floppy Drive
Q13176-01 Auto Winder for Citizen 3535
Q13181-01 Querty Keyboard (486 Pentium)
Q13194-G1R Card Reader & Keyswitch
Q13287-01R Monochrome Display Assembly
R14426-G1R LED Assembly (T8, T9)
R14728-G1R Keyboard - 12 Position (T10)
R14741-G1R Push Button Switch Assembly (T10)
R15173-G1R Keyboard - 12 Position (T11)
R15173-G2R Keyboard - 6 Position (T11)
R15173-U R15173 Keyboard Upgraded to 12 Position
R15252-G1R Command Module (H111B)
R15256-G1R H.V. Pulser Interface Board (H111B)
R15257-G1R Two Wire PWB Assembly (T11, T12, All)
R15269-G1R Keyboard - 12 Position (T12) (3 Grades)
R15281-G1R Push Button Assembly (T12, T12A, T12B, T12C)
R15340-G1R Command Module (MPD-1,MPD-2, MPD-A3)
R15810-01R Keyboard - 12 Position (T12A, T12B)(4 Grades)
R15810-02R Keyboard - 12 Position (T12C, T12G)
R15929-G1R Keyboard - 6 Position (T12A, T12B)(4 Grades)
R15929-G2R Keyboard - 6 Position (T12C, T12G)
R15929-U R15929 Keyboard Upgraded to 12 Position
R16006-G2R Cash\Credit Switch Panel (MPD-1, MPD-2)(2 Switches)
R16007-G2R Preset Switch Panel (MPD-1, MPD-2)(4 Switches)
R16463-G1R Retropac Pulser
R16530-G1R STP Interface Control Board (H111B)
R16735-G1R Printer Assembly
R16918-G1R STP Interface Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
R16923-G1R STP Interface Control Board (H111B)
R16925-G1R STP Interface Control Board (H111B)
R17238-G1R Relay Driver-STP Prestart (H111B)
R17238-G2R Relay Driver-STP Prestart (H111B)
R17964-G2R Power Supply Assembly TCR-15
R17969-G1R Printer Assembly TCR-15 (Old Style)(Wide Connector)
R18463-G1R Preset Panel
R18463-G2R Preset Panel
R18796-G1R Card Reader (TCR-15)
R18886-G1R Preset Display-Old
R19197-G1R Printer Driver Board
R19295-G2R Preset Display-New
SG300 Journal Printer (TS-1000)
T11785-G1R P.C. Board, Receiver (T8, T10)
T11801-G1R P.C. Board, Display (T8)
T11801-G2R P.C. Board, Display (T9)
T11803-G1R P.C. Board, Relay Drive (T8)
T11803-G2R Relay Interface-4 Hose Readout (T8)
T11803-G3R Relay Interface-2 Hose Preset (T8)
T11803-G4R Relay Interface-2 Hose Readout (T8)
T11807-G1R P.C. Board, Call (T8)
T11807-G2R P.C. Board, Call-2 Hose (T8)
T11810-G1R Interface Board (T8)
T11814-G1R P.C. Board, Processor (T8A)
T11815-G1R Power Supply-Service Module (T8)
T11820-G1R Power Supply Assembly-Console (T8) (3 Fuses)
T11820-G1R Power Supply Assembly-Console (T9) (2 Fuses)
T12062-G1R Display Board (T10)
T12062-G2R Display PWB Assembly (T11)
T12071-G1R LED Board - 12 Position (T12, All)
T12071-G2R LED Board - 12 Position (T11)
T12071-G3R LED Board - 6 Position (T11)
T12071-G4R LED Board - 6 Position (T12, All)
T12071-U T12071 LED Board Upgraded to 12 Position
T12082-G1R Logic Board 2 (T10)
T12084-G3R Logic Board 1 (T10)
T12116-G1 Power Supply Board (T11, T12)
T12116-G2R Power Supply Regulator Board (T11)
T12124-G1R Power Supply Assembly (T10)
T12325-G1R Power Interface Assembly (T8A, T8B, T9, T10)
T12326-G1R Inter-Connect PWB Assembly (T8A, T8B, T9, T10)
T12329-G1R S.M. Data & Control (T8A, T8B, T9, T10)
T12472-G1R Logic PWB (H111B)
T12472-U Logic PWB Upgrade to W01520-G1 (H111B)
T12475-G1R Relay Interface PWB (T8)
T12512-G1R Interface PWB-T8, T10, HV (H111B)
T12515-G1R Interface PWB-T8,T10 (H111B)
T12515-G2R Interface PWB-Mini T (H111B)
T12633-G1R Logic Chassis (H111B) (SMII)
T12643-G2R Power Supply Chassis (H111B) (SMII)
T12643-G3R Power Supply Chassis (H111B) (SMII)
T12650-G1R Front Display Assembly (H111B)
T12650-G2R Rear Display Assembly (H111B)
T12650-G3R Display Assembly (H111B)
T12650-G13R Display Assembly (H111B)
T12672-G1R Electronic Pulser (H111B Standard)
T12672-G2R Electronic Pulser (H111B Fail Safe)
T12677-G1R Processor PWB Assembly (T11)
T12679-G1R Distribution Box PWB Assembly - 12 Hose (T11, T12, All)
T12679-G2R Distribution Box PWB Assembly - 6 Hose (T11, T12, All)
T12694-G1R Control Panel (T11)
T12695-G1R Power Supply Assembly (T10, T11, T12)
T12695-G6R Power Supply Assembly (T10, T11, T12)
T12710-G1R Display PWB Assembly (T12)
T12719-G1R Control Panel (T12)
T12719-G5R Control Panel (T12)
T12720-G1R Processor PWB Assembly (T12)
T12842-G2R Regulator Board (MPD-A, MPD-A3, MPD-1)
T12846-G1R Power Supply (MPD-A, MPD-A3, MPD-1)
T12849-G1R Power Relay Assembly (MPD-A1,MPD-A3)
T12849-G2R Power Relay Assembly (MPD-A3)
T12849-G3R Power Relay Assembly 4-Hose (MPD-A3)
T12877-G1R Display Board
T12886-G1R Front Display-6 Hose (MPD-A3)
T12886-G2R Front Display-3 Hose (MPD-A3)
T12886-G3R Front Display-Comma (MPD-A3)
T12886-G5R Front Display-High Bright (MPD-A3)
T12886-G6R Front Display-High Bright (MPD-A3)
T12889-G1R Rear Display-6 Hose (MPD-A3)
T12889-G2R Rear Display-3 Hose (MPD-A3)
T12889-G3R Display Board-Front & Rear (SMII)
T12889-G6R Rear Display Board-High Bright (MPD-A3)
T12889-G7R Rear Display Board-High Bright (MPD-A3)
T12897-G1R Reed Relay Board-Old Style (MPD-A3)
T12912-G1R Product Display (MPD-A3)
T12935-G1R Cash/Credit Key Control PWB (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T12935-G2R Key Control PCB Assembly (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T12935-G3R Cash/Credit PWB Assembly (H111B, SMII, MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13275-G1R Display Assembly (H111B)
T13286-G2R Cash/Credit Panel Assembly (SMII)
T13290-G1R Interface, Pump Preset (H111B, SMII)
T13301-G1R Logic Chassis (H111B)
T13316-G1R Display (T12A, T12B, T12C, T12G)
T13321-G1R Logic Board (T12A, T12B)
T13321-G2R Logic Board (T12A, T12B)
T13321-G3R Logic Board (T12A, T12B)
T13321-G4R Logic Board (T12A, T12B)
T13321-G6R Logic Board (T12A, T12B)
T13354-G1R Mother Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13360-G1R Interface Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13363-G1R Regulator Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13366-G1R Option Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13369-G1R Relay Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13372-G1R PPU Display Board (MPD-C, MPD-1, MPD-2)
T13375-G1R Farside Display Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13390-G1R Reed Relay Board (Old Style)(MPDA-3, MPD-1)
T13672-G1R Power Supply Assembly (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13672-G2R Power Supply Assembly (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T13705-G1R Interface (T8B, T9)
T13708-G1R Logic Board (T8B, T9)
T13714-G1R Regulator Board (Transac)
T13737-G1R Key Lock Board (MPD-1, MPD-A3)
T13738-G2R Regulator Board for Power Supply-T12695 (T10, T11, T12)
T13743-G1R Two Wire PWB Assembly (T11, T12, All)
T13743-G2R Two Wire PWB Assembly (T11, T12, All)
T13768-G1R Regulator (T9)
T13772-G1R Power Supply (T9)
T14256-G1R Data Board (TCR-14)
T14332-G15R Keyboard (TCR-14)
T14343-G1R Regulator Board
T14365-G1R Power Supply Assembly
T14370-G6R Printer (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
T14385-G1R Printer Adapter (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
T14390-G1R Reed Relay Board (MPD-A3, MPD-1)
T14390-G3R Relay Board (SMII, MPD-A3, MPD-1)
T14390-G4R Relay Board (MPD) (Multiblender)
T14390-G5R Relay Board (MPD-1)
T14542-G1R Power Supply (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
T14579-G3R Power Supply Assembly (MPD, SMII, SMIV)
T14588-G1R Processor Board w/Header EPROM
T14588-G13R Processor Board
T14591-G1R Regulator Board
T14594-G1R Driver Board
T14602-G1 Printer Assembly Dot 2
T14781-G1R Relay Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T14781-G2R Relay Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
T14905-G1R Cash/Credit Board (MPD-1)
T14974-G1R Display Board (MPD-1, MPD-A3, H111B, SMI, SMII)
T14974-G2R Display Board (MPD-1, MPD-A3, H111B, SMI, SMII)
T15067-G1R Interface Board
T15077-G1R Display Interface (MPD-1)
T15157-G1R Display Last Transaction (MPD-1)
T15236-G1R Power Relay Assembly (SMII)
T15244-G1R STP Driver Assembly (SMII)
T15272-G1R Pump Preset Interface Board (SMII, MPD)
T15311-G1R Mechanical Pulser (T1, T2)
T15311-G2R Mechanical Pulser (H111A Standard)
T15311-G3R Electronic Pulser (H111A Standard)
T15311-G4R Electronic Pulser (All)
T15322-G12R Keyboard Assembly (TCR-G Only) (w/16 Dept. Keys)
T15322-G17R Keyboard Assembly (TCR-G & G2) (w/4 Dept. Keys)
T15353-G1R RAM PCB (TCR-G)
T15817-G1R Cash/Credit PCB Assembly(HIIIB, SMII, MPD)
T15841-G1R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T15841-G2R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T15841-G3R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T15841-G4R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T15849-G1R Hydraulic Interface Board
T15849-G2R Hydraulic Interface Board
T15857-G1R Main Regulator Board
T15859-G2R Cash/Credit Panel Assembly
T15863-G1 Printer Driver Board
T15866-G1R Two-Wire Interface PC Board Assembly-C15 (Old)
T15899-G1R Logic Board (T12C, T12G)
T15965-G1R I/O Chassis Assembly TCR-15
T15965-G2R I/O Chassis Assembly TCR-15
T15986-G2R Speaker/Shield Assembly
T15994-G1R PPU Display Board (5 Digit)
T16023-G1R STP Driver Assembly (MPD-2)
T16176-G1R Relay Assembly
T16176-G2R Relay Assembly
T16176-G3R Relay Assembly
T16226-G1R Sid Display Assembly-Metric (Export)
T16226-G2R Sid Display Assembly (H111B)
T16226-G3R Sid Display Assembly
T16249-G1R Logic Board (T12C, T12G)
T16322-G1R Logic Board (T12C, T12G)(Specify C or G Software)
T16394-G1R Display Power Supply Board
T16508-G1R Regulator/Converter PC Board Assembly-C15 (Old)
T16513-G1R Power Supply Asembly-115V
T16513-G3R Power Supply Assembly
T16513-G5R Power Supply Asembly-110V, 220V, 230V, 240V
T16513-G6 Power Supply Assembly
T16513-G7R Power Supply Assembly (LC Highline)(Export)
T16513-G8 Power Supply Assembly
T16548-G1R Power Fail Box (TCR-15)
T16589-G1R Hydraulic Interface Board-Blender w/o Software
T16598-G1R Valve Driver Board-Pro Blender
T16598-G2R Valve Driver Board-Pro Blender
T16598-G3 Valve Drive Board
T16709-G1R Power Supply-Blender
T16716-G1 VDU Sub Assembly
T16749-G1R Memory Expansion Board w/Software (TCR-G2)
T16749-G2R Memory Expansion Board w/Software (TCR-G2)
T16785-G1R Logic Board
T16892-G1R Mother Board
T16911-G1R Display Board
T16921-G1R Keyboard Assembly TCR-15-Complete
T16921-G2 Keyboard Assembly T-15
T16925-G1R Keyboard Assembly TCR-15-Basic
T16928-G1R 16 Position Pump Controller Keyboard
T16931-G1R 32 Position Pump Controller Keyboard
T16934-G1R Card Reader
T16934-G2R Card Reader
T16937-G1R CPU Board (Controller) (PAM 1000)
T16940-G1R PPU Display-Dual
T16940-G2R PPU Display-Single
T16951-G1R Console Display Board (TS-1000)
T16957-G1R I/O Board Controller (PAM 1000)
T16960-G1R Distribution Board-12 Hose (TS-1000)
T16963-G1R Back Plane Board (Controller) (PAM 1000)
T16970-G1R Power Supply
T16973-G1R Expansion Board
T17097-G1R Logic Board (PAM 1000)
T17122-G1R Memory Board w/o Software (Controller)(PAM 1000)
T17138-01R Keyboard Assembly-24 Hose (TS-1000)
T17138-04R Keyboard Assembly-36 Hose (TS-1000)
T17177-G1R Logic Board (Console) (TS-1000)
T17299-G1R Valve Driver Power Supply
T17303-G1R Printer Driver Board TCR-15
T17307-G1R Two-Wire Interface PC Board Assembly-C2
T17310-G1R Regulator/Converter PC Board Assembly-C2
T17316-G1R DMA Controller Board (C2)
T17323-G1 Battery Charger Board C2
T17328-G1R Pump Preset Display (Modular)
T17331-G3 Customer Programable Preset Board
T17339-G1R PPU Display Board (4 Digit)
T17361-G1R Logic Board w/o Software
T17418-G1R Regulator Board-Backlight (Advantage)
T17418-G2R Regulator Board-Backlight (Advantage)
T17436-G1R Regulator Board
T17461-G1R Valve Driver Board-Pro Blender
T17461-G2R Valve Driver Board-Pro Blender
T17495-G1R PPU Display Board
T17495-G2R PPU Display Board
T17513-G1 Advantage Main Backlight
T17524-G1R Display Board
T17524-G2R Display Board
T17533-G1R Regulator Board
T17539-G2R PPU LCD Display Board -Dual
T17539-G3R PPU LCD Display Board -Single
T17543-G2R Main LCD Display Board
T17582-G1R Display Panel Assembly (SMII)
T17583-G2 Advantage PPU Backlight
T17597-G1 Vapor Vac STP Board
T17631-G3R Crind Printer w/o Driver Board-Old Style
T17631-G4R Crind Printer w/Driver Board-Old Style
T17651-G1R Distribution Board-6 Hose
T17701-G1R LCD Display Board
T17713-G1R STP Cash/Credit Assembly (Advantage)
T17713-G2R STP Cash/Credit Assembly (Advantage)
T17723-G1R Main Regulator Board
T17723-G2R Main Regulator Board
T17725-G1R Card Reader
T17725-G3R Card Reader
T17764-G1R Z-80 Logic Crind Board-Optional w/o Software (Includes Cash)
T17764-G2R Crind Logic Board-Optional w/o Software
T17764-G3 Logic Board
T17764-G4 Logic Board
T17772-G1R Power Supply Assembly-Backlight w/o T18708-G1 Board
T17772-G4R Power Supply Assembly-Backlight w/T18708-G1 Board
T17786-G1R STP Isolation Board
T17789-G1R I/R Alpha Board TCR-15
T17799-G1R PCB Memory Board (C2)
T17818-G1R CMOS RAM Board (C15)
T17840-G1R Regulator Board
T17840-G2R Regulator Board
T17962-G1R Main LCD Display
T17962-G2R Main LCD Display
T18015-G1 Valve Drive Board
T18015-G2 Valve Drive Board
T18018-G1R Motor Drive Board-VaporVac
T18021-G1 Control Board Vap Vac
T18024-G1R Hydraulic Interface Board
T18024-G2R Hydraulic Interface Board
T18156-G1R Hydraulic Interface Board w/o Software-Blend
T18159-G1 Vap Vac Multiplex
T18162-G1 Vapor Vac Power Supply
T18180-G1 Multiplex Interface Board, VaporVac
T18188-G3R Crind Printer w/o Driver Board
T18188-G4R Crind Printer w/Driver Board
T18188-G5R Crind Printer w/o Driver Board
T18188-G6R Crind Printer w/Driver Board
T18202-G2R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T18202-G4R Pump Controller Board w/o Software
T18350-G1R Electronic Pulser (All)
T18350-G2R Mechanical Pulser (All)
T18350-G3R Electronic Pulser (Advantage)
T18350-G4R Optimizer Pulser
T18350-G5R Optimizer Pulser
T18533-G1R CMOS RAM Board (C15)
T18699-G1R PPU LCD Display Board-Single
T18699-G2R PPU LCD Display Board-Single (Advantage)
T18705-G1R PPU LCD Display Board-Dual
T18708-G1R Regulator Board-Backlight
T18740-G1R External Crind Interface Board
T18740-G2R External Crind Interface Board
T18904-G1 Pump Control Board
T18904-G2 Pump Control Board
T18904-G3 Pump Control Board
T18904-G4 Pump Control Board
T18981-G1R Main LCD Display from Upgrd Kit Front/Rear Single (H111B)
T18994-G1R Hydraulic Interface Board (Legacy)
T19077-G1R LCD Display Interface Board
T19108-G1R Main LCD Display Board
T19111-G1R PPU Display Board (MPD1,3)
T19137-G1 PC G-Site I/O Board
T19137-G2 PC G-Site I/O Board
T19140-G1 PC G-Site CMOS Memory Bd
T19140-G2 PC G-Site CMOS Memory Bd
T19140-G3 PC G-Site CMOS Memory Bd
T19140-G4 PC G-Site CMOS Memory Bd
T19146-G1 RS-232 & Pump Loop Board
T19301-G1 I.S. Barrier Bd
T19346-G1 Console I/O Strip Board
T19401-G1 Vapor Vac Controller Bd
T19401-G2 Vapor Vac Controller Bd
T19441-G1 Two Wire to RS-422 Board
T19501-G1 Monochrome CPU Bd
T19508-G1 Distribution Box Board
T19547-G1 Board Distribution Box
T19550-G1 Two Wire Strip I/O Board
T19800-G1 Relay Board
T19863-G1 PC G-Site I/O Board
T19706-G1R Power Supply Assembly
T20005-G2 Modular Pump Controller
T20005-G4 Advantage Pump Controller
T20011-G1 Optimizer Controller Board
T20076-G1 Optimizer Interface Board
T20076-G3 Optimizer Interface Board
T20092-G1 Legacy Pump Controller Bd
T20128-G1 Trind Gateway Board
T20141-G3 CMOS Memory Board
T20182-G1 Micro Reader
T20270-G2 Console I/O Board
T20306-G1 Crind Regulator Board
T20379-G1 Crind Display Board
T20414-G1 Crind Printer NS
T20414-G4 Crind Printer w Driver Board
TCR-G TCR-G Cash Register w/o Cash Drawer
TCR-G2 TCR-G2 Cash Register w/o Cash Drawer
TCR-14 TCR-14 Cash Register w/o Cash Drawer
TMS-3535 Receipt Ticket Printer
TMS-3535 Journal Printer w/Paper Rewind
Transac 8A T8-A Complete Console
Transac 8B T8-B Complete Console
Transac 9 T9 Complete Console
Transac 10 T10 Complete Console
Transac 11 T11 Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac 12 T12 Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac 12A T12-A Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac 12B T12-B Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac 12C T12-C Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac 12G T12-G Complete Console (6 & 12 Position)
Transac HV Service Module-Old Style (T8, T10)
Transac HVA Service Module (T8A, T8B, T9, T10)
W01510-G1R Front Dual Display (H111B)
W01510-G1-U Rear Dual Display-Upgraded to Front (H111B)
W01510-G2R Rear Dual Display (H111B)
W01510-G3R Front Single Display (H111B)
W01510-G4R Rear Single Display (H111B)
W01510-G13R Display, One-Sided Dual (H111B)
W01510-G16R Display (H111B-E Side)
W01510-G37R Display-High Bright (H111B)
W01510-G38R Display-High Bright (H111B)
W01510-G39R Display-High Bright (H111B)
W01511-G1R Regulator Interface-Old Style (H111B)
W01513-G1R Regulator Interface-New Style (H111B)
W01515-G1R Logic Board (MPD-A3)
W01515-G2R Logic Board (MPD-A3)
W01517-G1R Regulator Board-Old Style (MPD-A3)
W01520-G1R Logic Board (H111B)
W01520-G2R Logic Board-Preset at Pump (H111B, SMII)
W01523-G1R Logic Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
W01524-G1R Main Display Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
W01527-G1R Chassis Assembly (MPD-2)
W01540-G1R Main Display (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
W01541-G1R Customer Display (TCR-14, TCR-G & G2)
W01542-G1R Controller Board (TCR-14)
W01543-G1R Logic Board (TCR-14)
W01544-G1R Regulator Board (Upgraded to G2)
W01544-G2R Regulator Board (TCR-14,TCR-G & G2)
W01558-G1R Logic Board
W01559-G1R LED Board
W01560-G1R Interface Board
W01815-G1R Regulator Board (MPD-A3, MPD-1)
W01815-G2R Regulator Board (MPD, SMII)
W01815-G2-U Regulator Board (Upgraded from 2 Product to 3 Product)
W01854-G1R Regulator Interface Board (H111B)
W01854-G2R Regulator Interface Board (H111B)
W01854-G7R Regulator Board (H111B, SMII)
W01874-G1R Logic Board (MPD-A, MPD-A3)
W01874-G2R Logic Board (MPD-A, MPD-A3)
W01874-G3R Logic Board (MPD-A, MPD-A3)
W02061-G1R Z-80 Logic (H111B, MPD-1, MPD-A3, SMII) (w/Software)
W02067-G1R Logic Board - Upgrade to G2
W02067-G2R Logic Board w/Software (TCR-G)
W02096-G1R Logic Board Assembly TCR-15
W02096-G2R Logic Board Assembly TCR-15
W02097-G1R Regulator Board (MPD-1, MPD-A3)
W02097-G2R Regulator Board (MPD-1, MPD-A3)
W02101-G1R I/O Board T-15
W02101-G2R I/O PC Board Assembly (C15)
W02101-G3R I/O PC Board Assembly (C15)(w/2 Spare Ports)
W02107-G1R Main Display Assembly
W02107-G2R Main Display Assembly
W02126-G1R Alpha-Numeric Keypad
W02135-G1R Power Supply
W02135-G3R Power Supply
W02135-G7R Power Supply
W02135-G9R Power Supply w/o Regulator Board
W02411-G1R I/O Expansion Board w/Console & Pump Loop (C2)
W02411-G2R I/O Expansion Board w/RS232 Only (C2)
W02413-G1R CPU Board Assembly (C2)
W02416-G1R PCB/Memory Board (C2)
W02417-G1R DRAM PCB Assembly-2MB (C2)
W02417-G2R DRAM PCB Assembly-1MB (C2)
W02417-G3R DRAM PCB Assembly-4MB (C2)
W02417-G4R DRAM PCB Assembly-8MB (C2)
W02418-G1R Logic Board (MPD-C, MPD-2)
W02421-G1R Power Supply Assembly
W02437-G1R Power Supply -115 VAC (C2)
W02437-G2R Power Supply - 230 VAC (C2)
W02453-G2R Valve Driver Power Supply
W02453-G4R Valve Driver Power Supply
W02462-G1R Logic Board Assembly TCR-15
W02462-G2R Logic Board Assembly TCR-15
W02862-G1R Power Supply-115V
W02862-G2R Power Supply-220V (Export)
W02862-G3R Power Supply w/o Regulator Board
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