Printer FL-6 Printer
1500-4 Code-Lock Face or Aluminum Faceplate (Outright)
1500-15 Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-15A Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-15B Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-15C Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-15D Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-16 Counter Module (Model 1503) (Exchange)
1500-20-1-SA Wiring Harnesss (Console) (Outright)
1500-20-2-SA Wiring Harness (Power Pack) (Outright)
1500-24 Power Control Module (120 VAC) (Exchange)
1500-24-A-1/4 Power Control Assembly (120 VAC--1/4-1/2 HP) (Exchange)
1500-24-A-3/4 Power Control Assembly (120 VAC--3/4 HP) (Exchange)
1500-25 CR1 Relay (Outright)
1500-26 CR2 Relay (120 VAC--1/4-1/2 HP)(240VAC--3/4HP) (Outright)
1500-27 CR3 Relay (120 VAC) (Outright)
1500-28-A Power Control Assembly (120 VAC--1/4-3/4 HP) (Exchange)
1500-54 Power Control Module (240 VAC) (Exchange)
1500-54-A-1/4 Power Control Assembly (240 VAC -- 1/4-1/2 HP) (Exchange)
1500-54-A-3/4 Power Control Assembly (240 VAC -- 3/4 HP) (Exchange)
1500-55 CR2 Relay (240 VAC--1/4-1/2 HP) (Outright)
1500-56 CR3 Relay (240 VAC) (Outright)
1500-57-A Power Control Assembly (240 VAC -- 1/4-3/4 HP) (Exchange)
1500-58 Wiring Diagram (120 VAC) (Outright)
1500-59 Wiring Diagram (220 VAC) (Outright)
1500-79 CR2 Relay (120 VAC--3/4HP) (Outright)
1500-82 Jumper Board (Exchange)
1500-99 Non-resettable Counter (Outright)
1500-100 Housing Assy w/o Counter Module & Control Bd. (Exchange)
1500-101 Bezel, Membrane Switch (Outright)
1500-102K Membrane Switch w/Connector (Outright)
1500-105 Control Board Assembly (Exchange)
1500-110A Power Control Assembly (Exchange)
1500-128 Membrane Switch Gasket (Outright)
1500-131A Heater Assembly (Exchange)
1500-140 Locking Plug (w/Key) (Outright)
1500-251 Lamp Replacement (Outright)
1503 Totalizer Module (8 Totalizers) (Exchange)
1515 Fill-Rite Pulse Transmitter (w/Barrier, for F/R Reg’s) (Outright)
1600 5 Key/Counter Module (Outright)
1600-9A Bus Module Housing (Outright)
1600-9A-1 Bus Module Assembly – Single (Exchange)
1600-9A-4 Bus Module Assembly – Multi (Exchange)
1600-11 5 Key Module (Exchange)
1600-11A Key/Counter Module Housing (Outright)
1600-13A Decoder Board (Exchange)
1600-14A Combination Board (Exchange)
1600-15A-1 Power Supply Board - Single (Specify Serial No.) (Exchange)
1600-15A-4 Power Supply Board - Multi (Specify Serial No.) (Exchange)
1600-16 Power Supply (1600) (Exchange)
1600-16A-1 Power Supply Board - Single (Exchange)
1600-16A-4 Power Supply Board (Exchange)
1600-17A CPU Board – Local (Exchange)
1600-19A-1 Bus Board – Single (Exchange)
1600-19A-4 Bus Board – Multi (Exchange)
1600-29 Bus Module Face Plate (Outright)
1600-30 Key-Lock 1600 Switch Membrane (Outright)
1600-30A Bus Module Membrane Switch (Outright)
1600-48 Door Lock (w/Keys) (Outright)
1600-53 Keyswitch Harness - 10 Keys (Outright)
1600-54 Keyswitch Harness - 5 Keys (Outright)
1600-55 Extension Cable – 84 (Outright)
1600-56 Keyswitch (w/Keys) (Outright)
1600-57 Replacement Key (Specify Lock #) (Outright)
1600-59 Alarm (Outright)
1600-60 Fuse (Buss #MDV 3/10) (Outright)
1600-64 Replacement "In Use" Bulb (Outright)
1600-66 Non-Reset Totalizer (Outright)
1600-78 Power Supply (Exchange)
1600-95 By-Pass Switch (Outright)
1600-96A Updated Switch (Outright)
1600-132-1 Power Wiring Harness – Single (Outright)
1600-132-4 Power Wiring Harness – Multi (Outright)
1600-289 Lamp Socket (Outright)
1661 10 Key/Counter Module (Outright)
FL5A Complete Door Assembly
G0562 Suppressor Assembly (500B)
G0835 Backup Board (500B)
G0850 Clear Lens LCD (500,500A Outright)
G0865 LCD Display (500,500A,500B)
G0867 Parallel Lamp Assy. (500,500A)
G0870 PPI Board 4 Hose (500B)
G0875 PPI Board 2 Hose (500B)
G0935 H.V. Cable Assembly (500B Outright)
G0967 Transformer (500,500A Outright)
G0971 Communication Assembly (500B)
G1125 2-Wire Connector (500B Outright)
G1127 Terminal Assembly (500B Outright)
G1134 Keypad Assembly (500B Outright)
G1138 Display Assembly (500B Outright)
G1209 Convertor Box (500B)
G1214 Gasket for Card Reader (500B)
G1369 Keypad Cable (500B)
G1370 Card Reader Cable to CPU (500B)
G1413 Alarm Assembly (All 500's)
G1418 H.V. Cable Assy. 8-Hose (Outright)
G1424 CPU Board (500B)
G1429 Relay Board 2 Hose (500B)
G1438 Card Rack (500B Outright)
G1439 Cable for CPU to G0971 (500B)
G1568 PPI Board 1-Hose (500B)
G1569 PPI Board 3-Hose (500B)
G1570 Relay Board 1-Hose (500B)
G1571 Relay Board 3-Hose (500B)
G1657 Memory Card Extra Backup (500B Outright)
G1809 Logic Board (FL5A)
G1810 Power Supply (FL5A)
G1811 Printer (FL5A)
G1865 Cable for 500-143A (500,500A Outright)
G1896 Wand Reader (500B Outright)
G1898 Swipe Reader (500B Outright)
G1909 Card Reader (500B)
G2331 2 Hose MFL5 Door Assembly
G2418 1 Hose MFL5 Door Assembly
G2505 2 Hose DFL5 Door Assembly
G2508 1 Hose DFL5 Door Assembly
G2915 Internal Modem (500B)
5A143 Card Reader & Display Assembly
500-109A Heater Assembly (500B Outright)
500-9AE Relay PCB 4-Hose (500,500A)
500-9AE2 Relay PCB 2-Hose (500,500A)
500-10A Membrane Switch (500,500A)
500A-11C CPU (500,500A)\
500-12AE PPI 4-Hose (500,500A)
500-12AE2 PPI 2-Hose (500,500A)
500-143A Card Reader (500,500A)
500-181AS Power Supply (500,500A,500B)
500-182A Surge Board  (500.500A)
500-265 ROM Kit  (Outright)
500-266 EPROMS 3-Set (500A,500B Outright)
500-62A 8-Hose Hi Voltage Board (500,500A)
500-63A 4-Hose Pulser Terminal Board (500,500A,500B)
500-64A 8-Hose Pulser Terminal Board (500,500A,500B)
500-66A CPM 1 Terminal Board (500,500A)
500-76 Ribbon Cable relay to 500-63A
500-77 Ribbon Cable relay to 500-64A
500-78 Ribbon Cable CPU to COM 1
500-84 Ribbon Cable PPI Board to Relay 4-Hose
500-85 Ribbon Cable PPI Board to Relay 8-Hose
500-88 Reset Switch Assembly
500-98B Installation/Service Manual
500-99B Operators Manual
525 8 Foot Printer Cable 36 Pin Male
526 6 Foot DB 25 Pin Comm Cable
530SP Convertor Box (500,500A)
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