AD8340 Printer Power Supply
DECADE 1000 Cash Drawer
DECADE 1000 Cash Register
DECADE 1000 Customer Display Assembly
DECADE 2400 Electronic Central
DECADE 2400 Complete System
DECADE 2400 Console-New(Cash/Credit)(2 Blue, 1Yellow Keycap)
DECADE 2400 Console-New(Standard)(Black Sq. Keybd Switch Stem)
DECADE 2400 Console-Old(White Cross Keybd Switch Stem)
DECADE 400 Console (Single Pulse)
DECADE 400 Console (Dual Pulse)
DW8340 Wayne Printer (2400)
RTP2400 7000 Series Printer (EATON) w/Interface Cable
NONE 7000 Series Main board
168861 Computer Board
173976 Computer Board
300825-005 ISB Assembly
4110-MAIN Eaton 4110 Printer Main Board
770206-001 Display Board
770211-001/004 Decade 400 Keyboard-Single Pulse
770211-002/004 Decade 400 Keyboard-Dual Pulse
770240-002/004 Pump Control, 4 Hose (Single Pulse, Bec)
770240-003/002 Pump Control, 2 Hose (Single Pulse, Mechanical)
770240-003/004 Pump Control, 4 Hose (Single Pulse, Mechanical)
770243-001 Power Supply (Old Style)
780128-001 CPU, Dual Pulse
780128-002 CPU, Single Pulse
780130-001/002 Decade 400 PIB (CV-Electronic)
780130-R07/002 2400 PIB Board (Electronic)
780130-R08/002 2400 PIB Board (Mechanical)
780130-013/002 Decade 400 PIB (Electronic)
780130-014/002 Decade 400 PIB (Mechanical)
780130-R19/002 2400 PIB Board (Electronic)
780130-R19/U Convert Electronic PIB to Mechanical PIB
780130-R20/002 2400 PIB Board (Mechanical)
780130-R20/U Convert Mechanical PIB to Electronic PIB
780132-001 Connection Board
790053-001 Power Supply (New Style)
790183-001 4-Pump Control Board
790262-R25/014 Display Assembly, 5 Digit Volume (Left Hand)
790262-R26/014 Display Assembly, 5-Digit Volume (Right Hand)
790262-R27/015 Display Assembly, 6-Digit Volume (Left Hand)
790262-R28/015 Display Assembly, 6-Digit Volume (Right Hand)
790264-R01 Computer, 115VAC-Pulse Type
790294 R05-016 Keyboard, 2400 System (Old Style)
790300-001 Field Connection Board
790302-R01 Regulator Board
790304-001 Left Side Terminal Board
790304-002 Right Side Terminal Board
790310-R01 Companion Board, Pulse System
790312-R01 Mother Board Assembly
790314-R01 Option Board, RPS
790314-R02 Option Board, RPS & TIGS
790325-R01 Power Supply, 115VAC
790325-R02 Power Supply, 230VAC
790330-R03 Display Board
790330-R04 Console Display Board
790331-R03 Display Module
790345-R01/004 Pump Relay Cabinet (4 Hose)
790345-R02/008 Pump Relay Cabinet (8 Hose)
790347-R01/104 Control Board, 4 Relay
790347-R01/106 Control Board, 6 Relay
799314-001 Option Board
800045-R01 Power Supply Board
800045-R03 Power Supply Board
800045-R04 PCB Power Supply
800045-R05 PCB Power Supply
800045-R06 PCB Power Supply
800045-R07 PCB Power Supply
800078-R02 7000 Series Printer Interface Cable
800105-R01/008 Data Distribution Board, 8 Hose
800105-R01/016 Data Distribution Board, 16 Hose
800105-R01/016U 8 Hose Data Dist. Board Upgraded to 16 Hose
800109-R01/001 Solenoid Drive, 1 Product
800109-R01/002 Solenoid Drive, 2 Product
800109-R01/003 Solenoid Drive, 3 Product
800109-R01/U 2PR Solenoid Drive Upgraded to 3PR
800109-R03/001 Solenoid Drive
800113-R01/003 Computer, 115VAC-Data Link
800115-R01 Companion Board, Data Link
800117-001/008 Data Dist Cab 8 Position
800117-001/016 Data Dist Cab 16 Position
800175-R01 Regulator Board
800234-R03 Unit Price Display
809101-R02/023 Main CPU, Data Link-16 Hose
809101-R02/024 Main CPU, Data Link-24 Hose
810172-R01 Display Adapter Board
810173-R05/003 Computer, 115VAC-Data Link (380MGD)
820020-R01/001 Unit Price Display, Single/Vertical
820020-R04/001 Single Unit Price Display
820020-R01/005 Unit Price Display, 5 Product/Vertical
820032-R03/015 Sale Display, Retrofit
820032-R03/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R06/015 Sale Display (Right Hand)
820032-R07/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R09/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R10/015 Sale Display (Right Hand)
820032-R13/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R15/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R16/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820032-R17/015 Sale Display (Left Hand)
820045-R01 Switch Interface Board
820128-R02/001 Unit Price Display, Single
820128-R02/002 Unit Price Display, Dual
820128-R06/001 Unit Price Display
820128-R11/002 Unit Price Display, Mobil
820133-001/003 Solenoid Drive Board, Blender
820168-R05/019 Sale Display, LH-Cash/Credit
820168-R06/019 Sale Display, RH-Cash/Credit
820168-R08/019 Sale Display, Mobil
820195-R35/016 Keyboard, 2400 System (Standard)
820195-R38/016 Keyboard, 2400 System (Cash/Credit)
820199-R02/001 Unit Price Display, Single (Right Hand)
820199-R02/002 Unit Price Display (Right Hand)
820199-R01/001 Unit Price Display (Right Hand)
820199-R01/002 Unit Price Display (Left Hand) (2 Product)
820206-R01 Select Board (LCD Extra)
820206-R03 Cash/Credit Select Board
820214-R01 Companion Board
829024-R01/401 Computer, Retrofit Blender w/Sales Display Plug
829024-R01/501 Computer, Retrofit Blender w/Sales Display Plug
829024-R05/401 Computer, Retrofit Blender w/Sale Display Plug
829024-R05/501 Computer, MGD Blender (395)(2 Transformers)
829024-R11/501 Computer, MGD Blender (395)
829024-R11/501 Computer, Retrofit Blender w/Sale Display Plug
829024-R01/501 Computer Base 5 Product
829024-R15/501 Computer
829165-R13/059 Computer, 115VAC-Data Link (Mobil)
829165-R14/059 Computer, 230 VAC-Data Link
829165-R15/069 Computer, 115VAC-Data Link (Chevron)
829165-R17/059 Computer, 115VAC-Data Link
829165-R17/214 Computer Assembly
829220-R02/024 Main CPU, Pulse System
829220-R04/054 Main CPU, Blender System
829220-R04/060 Main CPU, Pulse System-Cash Discount
829220-R06/024 Main CPU, 24 Hose
829220-R06/061 Main CPU, Data Link-Cash/Credit
829220-R16/061 Main CPU, Data Link-Chevron
829220-R21/082 Main CPU  Assembly (w/o Software)(Rev 49-18)
829220-R24/082 Main CPU, Data Link/Blender (Rev 49-23)
829220-R25/082 Main CPU, Data Link /Vista (REV 49-37)
829220-R26/082 PGMD MCPU 2400/Plus 49-29
830012-R02 Preset Control Board
830012-R03 Preset Control Board - 115V
830023-R09/016 Console W/4 Pin Connector
830015-R01 Preset Keypad
830041-R02/001 Unit Price Display
830054-001 Mother Board Assembly
830083-R01 Pump Control Board, 4 Hose
830083-R03 Pump Control Board
830120-R01/005 Unit Price Display, 5 Product MGB Horizontal
830120-R04/005 Unit Price Display, 5 Product Retro Horizontal
830120-R07/005 Unit Price Display, 5 Product Horizontal
830212-R02/002 Unit Price Display (Right Hand)
839134-R01/072 OCIA/Pump Interface Board (Rev 7)
839134-R01/084 OCIA/Pump Interface Board (Rev 34)
839134-R02/084 OCIA/Pump Interface Board (Rev 37)
850024-01 Card Reader Display Assy
850030-R01 Solenoid Cut Printer Assembly
850030-R04 Rotary Cut Printer Assembly
850264-R01 Eaton 4110 Printer
850274-R01 Power Supply Assembly-115 VAC
850274-R02 Power Supply Assembly-220 VAC
850341-R01 Power Supply DCPT
859340-R01/205 PCB OCPT Control Board
859354-R01/206 PCB ICPT Control
860259-R01 Cashier Terminal LCD Display Assembly
860299-R01 Cashier Terminal (II & III) (w/Credit Card Acceptor)
860299-R05 Cashier Terminal (I)
860427-R01/001 Solenoid Drive Board-1 Product (Non-Blend)
860427-R01/003 Solenoid Drive Board-3 Product (Non-Blend)
860427-R01/004 Solenoid Drive Board-4 Product (Non-Blend)
860434-R01 Terminal Keyboard Assembly (84 Keys)
860464-R01/003 I.S. Barrier Board
860526-R03 PCB Daughter/Extended Memory Board
869429-006/079 Computer, Vista (Blend)
869429-R05/079 Computer, Vista (Non-Blend)
869429-R07/079 Computer, Vista (Blend)
869429-R09/612 Computer Dual II Gilbarco
870036-R02 Serial Interface PCB Assembly
870036-R03 Serial Interface PCB Assembly (386)
870052-002 Cash Drawer
870068-R03 Remote Customer Display Assembly w/10Ft Cable
870068-R04 Remote Customer Display Assembly w/20Ft Cable
870068-R01 Remote Customer Display Assembly w/4Ft Cable
870068-R02 Remote Customer Display Assembly w/6Ft Cable
870089-R01 Triac Monitor Alarm Board
870098-R01/003 Solenoid Drive Board Blender
870128-R01 Remote Customer Display Board
870130-R01 Solenoid Drive Board (Blend)
870157-R01 Power Supply Assembly-115V
870223-R01/001 Solenoid Drive, 1 Product
870223-R01/002 Solenoid Drive, 2 Product
870223-R01/003 Solenoid Drive, 3 Product
870241-R01 Solenoid Drive, 1 Product
870374-R01 Vista Card Reader/Print Keypad
870374-R05 Vista Card Reader/Print Keypad
870374-R14 Vista Card Reader/Print Keypad
879058-R01/239 POS Terminal Control Board Assembly
880003-R01 Pin Keypad (Plus III)
880228-R01 Olivetti Printer
880285-R01 Lighted Cash/Credit Select Board (Shared Assy)
880285-R03 Interface Board
880310-R01 Unified Sales Disp. (1 Unit/Price LCD) (Shared Assy)
880310-R03 Unified Sales Disp. (1 Unit/Price LCD) (Shared Assy)
880310-R05 Unified Sales Disp. (5 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
880310-R06 Unified Sales Disp. (3 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
880310-R08 Unified Sales Disp. (3 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
880310-R10 Unified Sales Disp. (5 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
880310-R20 Display Assembly PCB Integrated Display B/W
880310-R21 Assembly PCB Integrated Display B/W
880333-R01 CPU Board
880336-R01 Memory Expansion Board
880462-R01 Vista Power Supply (Dual)
880462-R02 Vista Power Supply Board (Single)
880476-002 OCPT Board
880480-R01 186 CPU Assembly (w/o Software)
880484-R01 186 CPU Assembly (w/o Software)
880519-R01 Dual Power Supply Assembly
880519-R03 Dual Power Supply Assembly
880541-R01/001 Solenoid Drive Board-1 Product
880541-R01/003 Solenoid Drive Board-3 Product
880541-R01/002 Solenoid Drive Board-2 Product
880541-R01/004 Solenoid Drive Board-4 Product
880521-001 KDC Module (Keypad-w/Card Reader)
880544-R01 Vista Solenoid Drive, Blend
880571-R09 PGMD Expandable Memory (w/o Software)
880590-R01 CAT Display
880638-R05 Assembly PCB PSC B/W Trans.
880736-001 Magnetic Card Reader Assembly
880869-004 PCB/LCD Interface Board
880942-R01 PGMD PCB Printer Main Board
880942-R02 PGMD PCB Printer Main Board
880942-R06 OCPT Board
880952-001 LED PCB Board (2 LED)(Shared Assy)
880952-002 LED PCB Board (3 LED)(Shared Assy)
880952-003 LED PCB Board (5 LED)(Shared Assy)
881015-R01 PCB Display-Single (1 Unit/Price LCD)(Shared Assy)
881015-R02 PCB Display-Single (2 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
881015-R03 PCB Display-Single (3 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
881015-R04 PCB Display-Single (4 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
881015-R05 PCB Display-Single (5 Unit/Price LCD's)(Shared Assy)
881015-R06 PCB Display-Single (3 Unit Price LCD's)(Mobil)
881123-R01 Assembly-MSM Key Injected (Mobil)
881123-R04 Assembly-MSM Key Injected (Shell)
881142-R01 Vac Control Board
881182-R04 PCB/LCD Interface Board
881298-R01 DCPT Printer
881298-R02 DCPT Printer
881369-R01 Bill Acceptor
881442-R01 Vac Control Board
881447-R01 Expandable Memory 6-WAY (Rel 2)
881579-R01 PGMD Expandable Memory (w/o Software)
881579-R02 PGMD Expandable Memory (w/o Software)
881579-R03 PGMD Expandable Memory (WPIII Shell)(w/o Software)
881579-R04 PGMD Expandable Memory (WPI)(w/o Software)
881579-R05 PGMD Expandable Memory (WPII)(w/o Software)
881701-R01 Eaton 4110 Printer w/o Rewind
881701-R01 Eaton 4110 Printer w/Rewind
881820-R02 SCC Board
881990-R01 Assembly,PGMD WP 386 CPU-4 MG
881990-R02 Assembly,PGMD WP 386 CPU-5 MG
882003-R01 Signal Distribution Board
882107-001 Magnetic Card Reader (Neuron)
882440-R01 Assembly PCB Display Interface Adaptor
882440-R02 Assembly PCB Display I/F CCFL
882585-R01 Electronic Conversion Bd
882852-R01 G/Display w/Temp. Sensor
882863-R01 Control Board
882863-R02 Control Board
882863-R04 Control Board
882979-R01 Assembly KYPD/TRSM 4X4 (Shell)
883074-R01 DCPT LCD Interface Board
883153-R01 LCD Interface Bd
883385-R01 Lighted Cash/Credit Select Board
883385-R03 Unlighted Cash/Credit Select Board
883474-R01 Enhanced Vista Solenoid Board
883474-R02 Enhanced Vista Solenoid Board
883529-001 128 Keyboard
883543-R01 DCPT Tear Bar Printer
883545-R01 IPT Distribution Board
883552-R01 IPT I/O Board
883600-R01 Complete Primary Cabinet
883619-R01 Enhanced Vista Computer Base
883619-R02 Enhanced Vista Computer Base
883619-R07 Enhanced Vista Computer Base
883681-002 Printer Control Bd
883690-001 Display Board New Style Console
883756-R03 2400 Keyboard New Style
883818-R03 OCIA/Pump Interface Board
883958-R01 DCPT Control Board
883958-R06 DCPT Control Board
883958-R07 DCPT Control Board
883970-R01 OCPT Board
883970-R02 OCPT Board
883970-R11 OCPT Board
883970-R13 OCPT Board
883970-R17 Card Reader Control Board
884017-010 Console-New W-9 Pin Connector
884113-R02 Axiohm Printer
884114-R02 Axiohm Printer Power Sup
884288-R01 CAT IF Board
884303-R01 Axiohm Printer
884365-002 Remote Customer Display
884440-R01 Neucleus Media Slot Cash Drawer
886142-R01 PC Control Board Assembly
886142-R02 PC Control Board Assembly
886195-001 Power In Board
886334-001 PCB Assembly V+/WIP ISB Board
886375-R01 Vista Barrier Board
886595-R01 Olivetti Printer New Style
886638-R05 Cat Control Board Programmed Dual
887118-R03 3 Product Display Board
887118-R05 5 Product Display Board
887223-001 24 Volt Power Supply
887225-R01 Pump Relay Board
887227-001 VAC PCB Board
887334-001 24 Volt Power Supply
887334-002 24 Volt Power Supply
887448-001 PCB CAT Board Dual
887500-003 PRGMD PCB Dual U-Cat Board
SY2400-16 Distribution Box
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